Aims of the program :




1 – to establish 1 Arabic assembly and to open exchange branches in the economical fields .
2- to collect the members of the program to find a union or association among the individuals of institutions companies on all fields; (investment , commercial , industrial and tourism ) which will be the first Arabic assembly of exchange companies .
3- to open Arabic exchange markets on all levels : investment , commercial & industrial . e.g. the export of a good needs a customer ..we have the solution to find this customer .
4- to promote the Arabic investments and commercial , industrial and tourism .
5- to provide services on all levels , e.g. contracting with offices of a Arabic lawyer and an Arabic bank , and Arabic tourism office and an Arabic insurance Co. …etc.
6- to consolidate the relation between Arab business men and to arrange for exchange visits among them .
7- A - to find projects in need of financing
B- to find financing for the proposed projects
C- to finance the Arabic inventors and the Arabic inventions 
8- to establish the biggest integrated information center
Economical& investment ) )
9- to establish 1 Arabic real estate market on the exchange level
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